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  • Dress Recommendations
    Updated On: Jun 08, 2016

    Generally:  Wear clothes that do not restrict your movement, that protect your body from injury and the elements, that are clean and in good repair and that are not offensive to your fellow stagehands or our employers.  A standard “Stagehand Uniform” is black pants and shirt (Polo or button down for AV calls) and boots.  Some jobs and clients may require specific footwear or wardrobe such as steel toed boots or a Tuxedo.  Specific needs will be communicated to you upon reference to a job.  Good hygiene is appreciated by all of those around you.


    Work Clothes (WC): Casual, clean clothes in good repair; long pants or shorts; a shirt and appropriate work shoes. Clothes with advertisements or offensive pictures or phrases on them may not always be appropriate. When in doubt, wear something else. You can always wear a Local 107 shirt.  


    Neat Work Clothes (NWC): Neat but casual dress. Collared shirt, khakis or casual slacks, clean shoes or boots.


    Neat Work Blacks (NWB): The same as Neat Work Clothes, but all of the clothes must be Black.  


    Show Blacks (SB): The level of fanciness of the job dictates the level of fanciness of your dress.  If you are working an outdoor festival black shorts and a tee shirt should be fine, but if you are working a high-profile corporate event or symphony concert you might need a black suit.  Our goal is to blend into the background and not be seen while we do our jobs, so, to that end, do not wear reflective material, white socks, studded belts or large flashy jewelry.    


    Suit:  Matching dress slacks and coat with a dress shirt, a tie and practical dress shoes. Women should wear a business suit with slacks, and dress shoes. Skirts are not practical.

    • It is a good idea to keep a pair of show blacks in your car, bag or locker.  You never know when you may get offered a show call or you suddenly need another pair of pants/socks.  

    • Different Venues and Events have different dress requirements.  Steward Larry Hunter requests that you wear black pants and a black shirt with no logos (Local 107 logos are okay) for calls at the Paramount.  A/V calls are almost always Neat Work Blacks for load-ins and load-outs and Suits if you are there for the show.  

    • Working outside (Plywood or Stadium Work Calls, Wente Winery) sometimes it is more appropriate and comfortable to wear shorts.    

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