Oakland Stagehands
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  • Arean Concert Production
    Updated On: Oct 27, 2018

    The Oakland Arena, completed in 1966, has been home to the Golden State Warriors since 1971.

     Link to the google map

    Event/Concert Steward:  Listed on Call Steward per Event

    Familiar Faces:

     -Steward;  Joe Cleary, Kurt Dryer, Joe Bearce, etc

     -Head Electrician;  Craig Smith, Stanley Kramer, Paul Hennes, Eugene Palmer

     -Assistant Steward/Crew Chief;  Joe Bearce, Jud Owens, Tommy Harman

    Parking:  For Arena Events, Stagehands usually park in “D” Lot, close to the North Tunnel. There are sometimes Security and or Parking people you can ask for assistance, be sure to tell them you are a "Stagehand" with the 107. See the Parking Map at the bottom of this page.  BART has a Coliseum Station with a ramp over to "BART Plaza", above K Lot.  This Ramp is sometimes locked after hours and within the 24 hour lock-down for Raider Games. 

    Check In: Say “Hi” to Security at the Main Gate, 66th Ave. (let them know you are a 107 stagehand, Show your Badge!) and park in the appropriate lot.  You may have to walk around to the HH Lot entrance and go through a metal detector and then go throguh another metal detector at the North Tunnel Door.  Be patient and kind with the security people, they are just doing their jobs and trying to keep us all safe.  After you get through the security proceedure, proceed to the Stagehand Breakroom, on the left and the sign in sheet, which is *usually* on a cork board across from the Arena break room door.  For load-Ins stagehands are “general stagehands” or “pushers” until you get broken off to a department.  If it is a large load-out you just might get a tee-shirt or a wristband to distinguish your department from other departments, and you will have to huddle with your department in the wreckage that is catering at that late hour while you wait for your tour buddy or department head to come and fetch you.  

    Notes:  The North Tunnel is our main meeting and loading area.  2 Restrooms are located here.  The South Tunnel is located directly opposite from the North Tunnel, if it is a big enough show we will unload/load trucks from here also.  There are larger restrooms on this side as well.  The Production Area is *usually* on the East side of the building in the Locker rooms/Team rooms.  The First Aid Kit is on the back of the Arena Breakroom bathroom door.  Please make sure you fill out paperwork if you are injured in any way.  See Kurt, Fernando or your department head.

    Payroll:  AEG’s payroll is Cast and Crew  2300 Empire Avenue, 5th Floor, Burbank, CA 91504          

       Phone (818) 848-6022 www.castandcrew.com .

    If it is a Live Nation Event we use Live Nation’s payroll.

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