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Community service is at the heart of what we are doing in IATSE Local 107. We are determined to reconnect with the communities we serve and that support the arts! We believe a community is much stronger when it is connected with Labor and that Labor is much stronger with the support of the community. Both sides can and should serve each other.

That is why we have begun to reach out to the community we live and work in. At Sequoia Elementary School in Oakland, IATSE Local 107, in conjunction with Liberty Theatrical Décor,, installed all the soft goods on the school’s stage for no cost. Don Nethercott of Liberty Theatrical Décor, and a longtime member of Local 107 donated the material for the job as well as a brand new Valence for the stage! It was an amazing project that transformed the school stage and impacted the lives of every student in a positive way!

In conjunction with the Oakland School for Arts and Another Planet Entertainment,, IATSE Local 107 has started an internship program with the students at the school. The students have an opportunity to learn about the production of live entertainment events while studying the art discipline of their choice in class. Eventually, the program will also be a Career Pathways program. We believe this program is helping to create future artists that someday may be on stage entertaining all of us!

We have been able to take this initiative a step further at Berkeley High School. With the help of Stephanie Allen, we have created a Career Pathways program. The Pathways program teaches the students the production side of the entertainment business. Along with real production experience, the students will have formal classroom curriculum. The end result is a Career Pathways program for these students that will lead to good paying Union jobs in the entertainment industry!

We are currently starting to work with the West Oakland Youth Center,(reached at the link: ),  to develop a similar program. Currently, they have a Career Pathways program for their entrepreneurial minded chefs.

With the help of Leslie Stewart and Larry Hunter of the Paramount Theater of the Arts,, IATSE 107 was able to donate all the soft goods for the stage in the Community Room at Allen Temple Baptist Church. The relationship between Allen Temple and IATSE Local 107 started at the “Reform the Criminal Justice System” Town Hall meeting that was hosted by Allen Temple. IATSE 107 donated all the Labor for the event that was cosponsored by the Alameda Labor Council,, and the AFL-CIO,

There are many more schools and organizations that we have helped. We want to continue giving back to the communities that support us. If you are a Non-Profit, we can work with you! We have community contracts that take into account your Non-Profit status. After all, we are also a Non-Profit. If you believe we help, you can email Dan Ferreira at

Local 107 workers out on the lines supporting the Oakland Marriott hotel workers as they strike to fight for better wages and against increased healthcare costs, subcontracting, and work intensification.
Local 107 was well represented at Senator Kamala Harris's Presidential nationally televised campaign kick off rally.  Pictured: Working Crew & Business Manager Saba with Oakland City Council Laynette McElhaney and Vice President Williams  Not pictured: Brother Chad G.
Two years ago we were contacted by Stacey Street. Stacey was a parent of a student at the school. The school has an annual 25th Annual Variety Show that was quickly approaching. The stage curtains/soft goods were in desperate need of replacing. She and the parents group were able to acquire replacement goods. Unfortunately, they did not have the expertise nor the hardware to replace the old goods.
On March 12, 2016 we participated in the West Oakland Youth Centers' Youth Symposium. It was a full day of activities that included live performances, free meals, exhibits on career readiness, mental and physical health and community activism. The event was cosponsored bay Gamma Rho Sorority,Inc., Beta Theta Sigma San Francisco Alumnae Chapter,
First OSA Interns at The Fox Theater, Oakland

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